Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The W Family: Foggy Family Session

Well, it's the first day of October today and it's absolutely beautiful outside. With the way that the weather goes up here I'm feeling like we are going to really pay for this nice day. It's about 70 outside, a little windy but it's warm enough that it doesn't really matter. The leaves are amazing, but since the wind is blowing I know they won't last long. Getting many things done on a day like this is almost impossible because my littles will not stop begging me to go outside. It's awesome! Anyway, since it's the first of a new month I decided that I would start doing my Unknown Tid-bits and Worthless Knowledge posts again. So keep your eyes on my Facebook page (HERE) and here at the blog for all the random goodness!

I loved working with this family. These girls were so cute that I could have just taken pictures of them all day. We were a little worried about the weather but personally I love how the fog looked.

A little side note: if you are in the area and wanted Fall Colors in your photo shoot, I would schedule to have it done ASAP!

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