Monday, April 30, 2012

Ms Rs Senior Session

I'm not totally sure if I've said this before or not so I'm going to say it of my favorite photography blogger does random rants before every post. I don't know why exactly but I absolutely love it. So I'm going to follow her lead, steal her idea I guess you could say, and do the same. I'm just going to talk about whatever random thought comes to mind before my posts. Sounds like fun huh? Yeah I think so too!
So, here it goes.
In these last couple weeks I've had to contemplate what has become the standard for controlling natural bodily functions. I thought my days were consumed by poop and pee before, well in potty training my twin girls I have realized we take for granted such everyday actions as going to the bathroom. It turns out that one of my girls is absolutely terrified of going to the bathroom on the potty. And why wouldn't she be? There is this substance coming out of her body and it's not like it feels nice! I've heard many stories about other littles that have been equally scared of the concept. We put so much pressure on our kids but it's hard for me not to feel bad about this. My biggest fear is that she's going to end up with some fobia of the toilet...that would be my luck.
OK on to my recent mini senior session. I got the wonderful opportunity to shoot in Duluth. Unfortunately the weather didn't want to cooperate with my schedule so we had to cut our session short because of the rain :/ boo.