Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hot, Foggy Family Session

Well I had a fun family to photograph tonight. The down sides were the heat and the fog. It was that kind of hot that if you stood still for too long you thought you were going to melt into a puddle. That was on the hill. Luckily down by the lake was more pleasant, unfortunately the fog was so bad that you couldn't see much of the lake at all. I haven't started editing yet but from looking at the images I got at least a few pretty good ones.
I love my job! Photos to come:)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Great Week!

This week seemed like it was the busiest one I've had in a while, it was nice:). I had a wedding reception last weekend for a great person and friend and her new husband. I shot their wedding back in March so the beautiful outside pictures were fun to do. The bride had the most amazing dress and, lucky her, got to wear it twice.
Next was a wonderful maternity session on Thursday. I have been friends with that couple for quite some time also so I felt honored that they would put their trust in me and let me take their pictures. That one was a lot of fun too.
I haven't gotten very far on my editing lately because I've been working on my jewelry. Our local art fair is this weekend and my grandmother an I have the oportunity to set up a booth. It should definately be interesting. When I have more pictures to show I'll post them:). Can't wait to share!