Friday, June 8, 2012

Freezing Shoot: Northwoods Engagement Inspiration

I have to admit that I think it's funny how many people assume that being a photographer is a 'glamorous' job. At one point I thought the same thing, boy was I wrong. It's a lot of work. Only about 10% of my time is actually spent on location shooting. The rest of the time I'm editing, networking, blogging, ordering, getting to know clients, scoping locations, branding, learning, and forever trying to keep up with the ever changing technology and resources of the trade. When I'm not doing that I'm making meals, cleaning up poop, mediating fights, doing laundry, dishes, or cleaning the house.
The funny thing is that eventhough I'm currently doing the two hardest jobs I've ever done I wouldn't change it for the world! I love what I do and I hope that shows through my photos and my children.

OK that was way too serious!!!!!!!!!

I keep trying to figure out why I'm always editing but never seem to have things to blog about...then I realized that I have a back log of things I haven't blogged yet. I call this shoot the 'Freezing Shoot' because that's exactly what it was. I got to work with the talented Amanda from Princess Pine Events and Design (find her site HERE) and it just so happened that the day we decided to do this shoot was one of the coldest days of the winter. Not only do I hate the cold but so does my body. It's no secret that I get frost bite in 55 degree weather but this day was around 10 degrees with below 0 windchills. The flowers literally froze solid. It took almost the entire night and next day being wrapped in a blanket, wearing a sweatshirt and pants, laying by the fire in our 80 degree house for my body to warm up.
But boy did the pictures turn out beautiful ;)

This shows the ice along the lake. Mind you this is Lake Superior...***bbbbrrrrrrr*** makes me cold just looking at it!

Not a bad way to end the day though.

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