Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Photo Shoot at Summit Chalet: The End Results:)

I split up the shoot posts so I could show more pictures:) Is that strange?
Anyway these are the photos from the shoot. I think they turned out beautiful but seeing as how they were being submitted for judging it was hard to edit them.

Hair was done by an Independent Stylist Jackie Holte (Salon#: 218-727-4420 Cell#: 218-390-6287) 
Makeup was done by Heather Kuhne of North Shore Makeup Artists
and Amanda Plummer of Princess Pine Events and Design assisted in the styling!

Photo Shoot at Summit Chalet

At the end of October I had the amazing opportunity to do a photo shoot for the Lake Superior Weddings and Events Magazine at the Summit Chalet at Lutsen Mountains. It was a lot of fun. Everything from the ride up to getting ready to doing the actual was all a new experience for me and I loved every minute of it.
This is Ms Queen on the way up to the Chalet. The ride was a bit scary:) but I thought her reaction to it was too funny to not share!!!

 Hair was done by an Independent Stylist by the name of Jackie Holte (Salon#: 218-727-4420 Cell#: 218-390-6287) and make up was done by Heather Kuhne of North Shore Makeup Artists. Then Amanda from Princess Pine Events and Design assisted in the styling. She is beyond helpful and the hair and makeup turned out beautiful!

Mr. L's 3 Month Shoot

This shoot was fun for me. I've realized that 3 months and 6 months are hard to shoot...they don't do a whole lot yet. Lucky for me this family is fun and understanding and willing to try some of my ideas!

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Same Dress But So Different

The dress that Ms C chose to wear for her pictures strangely enough was the same dress that Ms Queeny had worn for hers. The difference was that Ms C's dress was an amazing bright green color. I couldn't believe that even though the dresses were the same how something so basic as it being a different color could make the pictures look so different.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Ms Cs Senior Shoot

This girl was pretty fun to work with. I hope her and Ms Queen are just the first couple of many fun female senior shoots!