Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ms A: Class of 2013 - Take 2

One of the fun parts of shoots for me is driving around and looking for new places to shoot at. I try very hard to make each shoot as unique and personal as I can. I want people to look at their pictures and remember that moment just as it was. Seniors are a little different because they are so posed but it's even more important that their individuality shines through in the photos. I had the great opportunity to shoot at one of my favorite locations with this beautiful girl.

I find myself after every shoot I do saying that shoot was my favorite to date and this one was no exception. Cars and trucks were important props in the senior shoots I did this year but the car in this shoot was special to me. My dream car is a '69, white, Stingray Corvette. And although this one wasn't a '69 and it wasn't white it was drool worthy. Thank you to her mom for letting us use her car (needed to specify that it was HER car lol :) ) 

Mr M: Class of 2013

OK confession time. I've been sitting on a couple of posts. I haven't wanted to load them because I don't know what to talk about. I feel like my babbling is just that. I mean who in their right mind wants to hear me talk about poop and my crabby kids? Maybe I'll have to try and think of something else to start off each post. I have no idea what that would be but it's a thought. It is a possibility that no one even reads what I type and just looks at the pictures. And to be honest, as I'm sitting here typing this I'm asking myself if I've already talked about something like this in a previous post. hmmmmm could be.

This kid has got to be one of the best teenage boys I've ever met (a close second to my brother and that says a lot to anyone that knows my brother) He is nice, polite, considerate, respectful, hard working, and I could go on and on so let's just say that he is an all around great young man and has big things in his future. And he's cute which makes my job that much easier :) 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ms J: Class of 2013 - Take 2

Well my husband finally took the leap and downloaded iTunes onto his computer tonight. The first CD he loaded was Five Finger Death Punch. Once it was loaded he and all three of our children proceeded to head bang and mosh in our bedroom. Alivia really liked it. Now on a normal basis I would embrace any sort of music that the kids like and listen to it as much as I could stand but this time...I don't know. Don't get me wrong, I actually like Five Finger Death Punch quite a bit but I may have to limit the amount of time my 4 year old and twin 2 1/2 year olds listen to the anger spewing from the speakers.
Anyway, this is the second shoot that I got to do with Ms J and boy was it exciting. Not only did I get to work with her horse, but we got to take a cool car down a beautiful back road. Unfortunately we were unaware of the fact that we shouldn't have driven the car as far as we did. Needless to say we ended up stranded. But her mom came to our rescue and we got some great shots while we waited. It was one of the most memorable and fun shoots I've ever done. With that said, I hope it never happens again :)