Saturday, February 16, 2013

Mr M: Class of 2013

OK confession time. I've been sitting on a couple of posts. I haven't wanted to load them because I don't know what to talk about. I feel like my babbling is just that. I mean who in their right mind wants to hear me talk about poop and my crabby kids? Maybe I'll have to try and think of something else to start off each post. I have no idea what that would be but it's a thought. It is a possibility that no one even reads what I type and just looks at the pictures. And to be honest, as I'm sitting here typing this I'm asking myself if I've already talked about something like this in a previous post. hmmmmm could be.

This kid has got to be one of the best teenage boys I've ever met (a close second to my brother and that says a lot to anyone that knows my brother) He is nice, polite, considerate, respectful, hard working, and I could go on and on so let's just say that he is an all around great young man and has big things in his future. And he's cute which makes my job that much easier :) 

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