Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ms A: Class of 2013 - Take 2

One of the fun parts of shoots for me is driving around and looking for new places to shoot at. I try very hard to make each shoot as unique and personal as I can. I want people to look at their pictures and remember that moment just as it was. Seniors are a little different because they are so posed but it's even more important that their individuality shines through in the photos. I had the great opportunity to shoot at one of my favorite locations with this beautiful girl.

I find myself after every shoot I do saying that shoot was my favorite to date and this one was no exception. Cars and trucks were important props in the senior shoots I did this year but the car in this shoot was special to me. My dream car is a '69, white, Stingray Corvette. And although this one wasn't a '69 and it wasn't white it was drool worthy. Thank you to her mom for letting us use her car (needed to specify that it was HER car lol :) ) 

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