Friday, May 18, 2012

Jen & Jarrod's E-Session

Bath time at our house is the most dreaded part of the day. Sometimes I wonder if my kids were born with an innate fear of water. It would make sense in a way that my kids would hate water so much because I do, but it's getting out of hand. To be honest it verges on humorous because they freak out so badly. Seriously am I alone in this?

This post was really hard for me. I had a folder of over 30 pictures that I wanted to share but Google flagged me saying that I didn't have enough space available to load that many. So not only did I have to narrow down the number that I wanted to share I had to delete some of my older posts. Picking and choosing is an impossible task for me. 
I've decided that this bride, Jen, is my long lost high school friend. She is my kind of girl. Jarrod is one lucky lucky man. I cannot wait for their detail filled wedding at the end of June!!!!!!