Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unknown Tid-Bits: 3/4-3/10

So earlier today we piled the whole family into the mini van to go town to get bags for the vacuum cleaner. We ended up driving an extra hour and a half to Two Harbors. Why? I'm not really sure. We went grocery shopping but it wasn't a very well thought out action. We ended up not getting home until about 3:45 all of us a little crabby because we sat in the car for that long for no real good reason.
Luckily it was a beautiful day so it was a very nice drive.

Unknown Tid-Bits:
-My favorite author is James Patterson. Now if only I had time to read:(
-My sophomore year I played Patty Simcox in our high school production of "Grease" I also was ;Moth' in "Midsummer Nights Dream"
-I know how to drive a stick shift!
-Both my grandmother and my dad don't have middle names. (at least not that I know of)
-I love broccoli
-My husband is my bestest best friend:)

Useless Knowledge:
-A cockroach can live several weeks with its head cut off.          I don't know if I've posted this bit of knowledge before but I still can't really believe it. It just doesn't seem possible that a living thing could live for that long with such a major part of its existence cut off. Amazing!
-A hippo can open its mouth wide enough to fit a 4 foot tall child inside.          This is a disturbing image to I alone in that?
-A male emperor moth can smell a female emperor moth up  to 7 miles away.          Sometimes I think men are like this.
-A whale's penis is called a dork.          I don't know which is more strange the fact that a whales penis has a name or the fact that I already knew this bit. LOL Gotta love juvenile humor :)
-Camel's milk does not curdle.          Why? This is really interesting to me. Every other kind of milk curdles doesn't it? Why not camel's? That's cool!

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