Friday, February 17, 2012

Breathtaking Ms. S's Boudoir Shoot

Getting the ok to post some of Ms. S's Boudoir Session was a pleasant surprise to say the least. She did them as a Christmas present for her wonderful husband but like I have said before these sessions turn out to be as much for the woman as for the guy and Ms. S was no exception. 
Her confidence read through so easily that I had absolutely no problem getting a ton of beautiful images of her. The fact that she has had two children was just an afterthought. She has the face of an angel and legs to die for! 
I know I had just as much fun as she did on this shoot. Thank you so much guys for letting me share these amazing images!

This last image was my second favorite from the whole shoot (my #1 Mr. decided that one was just for him:) and I really don't blame him) The thing I love so much about this shot is how simple it is and her absolute breathtaking beauty shines through.

Once again thank you to Amanda of Princess Pine Events and Design for assisting on this shoot. You're awesome!

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