Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Ms. S: Class of 2013

10 Random Thoughts For Today:
-In fall the wind is a photographers worst enemy!
-Watching your kids suck on their own toes just makes you smile :)
-I need to get new tires on my car. Mine really suck.
-I wish I had the guts to wear what I truly wanted to wear. My closet would be filled with pettiskirts, neon, boots, cut up off-the-shoulder shirts, and leggings.
-I need to start working out again.
-I will never understand the logic behind school year schedules.
-I hate brushing my hair.
-If I could live on poptarts and Mtn Dew I totally would. (and I wonder why I can't lose weight)
-I don't know what I would do without socks.
-Diamonds really are my best friend :)

I had so much fun with this girl and her parents. This was the first senior shoot that I had done that Dad came with too!

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