Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ms R Senior Class of 2015: Fall Session

Well it's a new year again and the dreaded New Years Resolutions have been the topic of conversations everywhere. So I'm sure you're wondering if I have any. Well there are the normal ones (quit smoking, drink less, lose weight) that I know that I won't keep but I do have one that I'm hoping sticks. 
I want to work on being more patient. It's not bad now but it used to be a lot better. I've noticed that my patience with my kids, my husband, with the general public really, has been getting shorter and shorter. Time is money and now that I work for myself my time is gold…well at least it is to me. Days go so fast. But I have to remember that even though I wish there were about 12 more hours in the day, there isn't. There is nothing I can do about that so I need to relax and be patient. Things may not get done as fast as I may want or need them too but they will get done.

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