Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ms M Class of 2015: Summer Session

It amazes me every day how different each one of my littles are. The difference between G, the oldest and the only boy, is pretty obvious but with the twins? I have a degree in Psychology so for me it's like a daily study in behavior. My two girls haven't been raised any differently, we don't treat either one different than the other (unless of course one of them is being a brat then they get punished and the other doesn't) They are fed the same, groomed the same, loved the same, cared for the same and yet no matter how evenly we treat them they are turning out to be completely different people. A is funny and yet hates it when you laugh 'at' her, she is shy, sensitive, artistic, and smart. S is the performer. She sings and dances almost every minute she is awake, she is sharp, girly, and fiercely protective of her sister. Being a mom is a crazy experience but a mom of twins is something that I never saw coming. Fascinating I say, just fascinating.

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