Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Only Boy is Having a Girl!

I've known Seth for so many years I can't even count. I've been good friends with one of his older sisters for most of my life. Marti is one of the sweetest, most sincere people I've ever had the pleasure to meet. I got the wonderful privilege of doing a maternity shoot with them back in June.

Seth is the only boy in a family full of sisters. He has 4 sisters, 3 in front and 1 behind. I have to admit that I found it kind of funny that they were having a girl :-) but a blessing because their little angel has so many strong and wonderful women in her life!

Their little girl is beautiful and hopefully someday soon I'll get the opportunity to do a shoot with all of them. 
Seth and Marti you are doing beautifully! Parenting is a learn on the job process and I am far from any sort of expert but your little peanut looks happy and healthy and sometimes that's all you can hope for.

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