Monday, September 9, 2013

Brandy & Chad: Engagement Session- Spring 2013

Why do we have to depend so much on technology? I have my computer and an iPod that I don't really use and a cell phone. Actually my cell phone is as basic as it gets. No high tech iPhone for me. We don't get service out here at my house so it has always seemed like a waist of money. My niece stayed with us for the last 2+ months this summer and she has an iPhone. She got my kids (4, 3 & 3) hooked on it. I have this terrible feeling that we are going to be paying for an iPod for my 4 year old boy for Christmas. The other down side is that if we buy one we need to buy 3. Hmmmmmm Damn! Maybe we can put it off for another year or 10.
I just shot this great couples wedding this last weekend so I figured I better get on my horse and get posting because I'm obviously behind...again :/ Some day I may catch up.

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