Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ms S : Class of 2013

Is it wrong that half the time I call people I pray that they don't pick up because I'm terrible on the phone? Then at the same time I hate hate HATE leaving messages because I don't know what to say. Is that strange? Am I the only person in the world that is scared to call people because I'm worried that I'm not going to know what to say? It's the whole awkward silence thing, it seems 20 times worse when it's over the phone. I did that whole teen and pre-teen talking to boys on the phone and sitting there in silence half the time. Then it was ok but now I really just want to bang the phone against my head when it happens. Email is totally the way to go!

This girl is absolutely amazing! She is funny and so down to earth I forgot that she was a teenager when I was doing the shoot. I felt so comfortable around her that I didn't mind being my normal goofy self. I know this girl is going to do great things in this world.

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