Friday, July 27, 2012

Photo Shoot with A & A

In trying to think of something to ramble about all that came to mind was potty training my twin girls (one just pooped on the potty for the first time YES!!!!) I can't bring myself to subject you to my rants about the non-stop of bodily fluids I've been having to clean up for way too long so I'm going to leave you with that.
LOL Sometimes I make myself laugh. Since I'm obviously such a funny person :)

I am the luckiest auntie in the whole world because I get to call these two beautiful ladies my nieces. They were skeptical at first about the whole farm setting, they are very much NOT farm kids, but once they got used to the smell I think they took to it well. I mean good lord I'm stepping in cow pies and they are posing for pictures with no shoes on. They said many times how much they hated 'Sister' pictures so I made sure to end with those :)

I miss you girls every day and I wish you weren't being shipped over seas again :( I love you both so much.

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